Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers! Nominations first look...

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 nominations took place in the house today and here's a first look at what was said.

It was the final round of nominations but there was a slight twist following yesterday's strange task.

On Saturday, the eight remaining housemates woke up to a festive jingle being played into the bedroom before discovering the rest of the house had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland.

The house was split into two teams for a day of tasks: Frankie took charge of the elves and Katie was made head of the reindeers.

After passing the most challenges, Big Brother revealed that Frankie's Elf team had won and as the losing team, the Reindeers - Katie, Ricky, Bear and Sam - would only make the one nomination. The Elves - Frankie, Aubrey, Renee and Marnie - will make two nominations as usual.

The group nominated in the house today and here's a preview of what they had to say about their nominations...

Bear: "I don't trust him, whatsoever, very shady , very two faced."

Frankie: "She has lost herself a bit and in so doing has tried to be a people pleaser to every single person in the house.

Marnie: "She takes everything a little bit too seriously sometimes. It makes us feel a little bit awkward."

Aubrey: "She kind of allows herself to get worked up and into bad places."

Samantha: "I do believe he's very strong competition and I've got this far and I would love to be in the final."

Katie: "He is just in it to win and I really, really would love to have a spot on that couch."

Renee: "Sometimes you have to take out your strongest opponents so that you can last longer."

It seems we could be set for a lot of tactical voting with the final looming at the end of the week.

The last round of Celebrity Big Brother 2016 nominations results will be revealed in Monday night's highlights show at 9PM on Channel 5.

Those that are up for the axe will join eternally nominated Bear in facing a DOUBLE eviction in Tuesday night's live show with those leaving missing out on Friday's final.

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