Celebrity Big Brother 2016: It's CHRISTMAS in the house... and Bear's causing rows

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Christmas came early to the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house yesterday.

The eight remaining housemates woke up to a festive jingle being played into the bedroom before discovering the rest of the house had been transformed.

There was a Christmas tree, decorations, presents and even SNOW.

Big Brother then gathered the group and gave them all a present from Big Broth... err, Santa.

Later, housemates got to enjoy all the (fake) snow in the garden and it didn't take too long for a massive snowball fight to erupt between the group.

The house was then split into two teams: Frankie took charge of the elves and Katie was made head of the reindeers.

Katie picked Ricky, Bear and Sam for her team while Frankie selected Aubrey, Renee and Marnie.

The two sides then went head to a head in a series of tasks in a sort of Christmas Olympics with games ranging from Brussel sprout eating and speed present unwrapping to riding a spinning Christmas pudding.

However Bear ended up leaving Renee raging after supposedly 'cheating' in the challenges.

She snapped: "We allowed him to get away with everything and then brushed it off, me included, like it's no big deal, maybe silent treatment would work. No one talk to the f**king person.

"Jesus Christ, if you don't f**king teach somebody, they're going to continue to keep doing it and every one of us is responsible for feeding into his bulls**t, we allow him to get away with everything."

Well it just wouldn't be Christmas without an argument...

The task highlights will air on Sunday night's show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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