Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephen Bear is LOWEST paid star on this year's show

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Channel 5 have certainly got their money's worth from Stephen Bear on Celebrity Big Brother 2016 this summer.

Reports today have claimed that Bear is this year's lowest paid celeb having picked up just £12,000 for his stay in the house.

That compares to the £100,000+ figures for housemates including Sam Fox, Christopher Biggins and Grant Bovey, who was the first to be evicted.

Even Heavy D is rumoured to have got more with a supposed £15,000 fee.

The Sun newspaper claims that Bear accepted the offer despite feeling he was "worth millions" because there were plans to cash in after the show from magazine deals.

“He knew he would be one of the stars of the show and really pushed for a bumper pay cheque but the producers wouldn’t budge," a source alleged.

They went to suggest: “He had hoped he would be able to cash in with big bucks magazine deals with his girlfriend after leaving the house, having split with his manager and signed to the same management team as Lillie to make it happen.

“But now that he has cheated on her with Chloe Khan he will have to work hard to build the relationship back up again.”

Bear's now former partner Lillie Lexie Gregg joined CBB in last night's episode as part of a task to confront him over his antics with Chloe in the house.

She said: "You asked me to be there when you got home, I was supporting you 100%. The embarrassment and humiliation I’ve had…this is all one big game to you, it is a joke at my expense.”

Bear later told BB in the Diary Room: "I can’t be with her; it’s not fair on her. I was adamant I wasn’t going to get with no one. Everything happens for a reason…she’s had a lucky escape from me. It took me 26 years to find someone I care about…”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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