Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Lewis Bloor in a panic over his penis

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

There was penis panic for Lewis Bloor in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday.

It was after a visit from Marnie Simpson's cousin and Geordie Shore co-star Sophie who had a lot to say.

First she reassured the other housemates that Marnie and Lewis were genuine, saying: "For everyone who's saying this is a showmance, my cousin's not a liar, she's not an actress, she's real.

"Whatever's going on between them, just let them be because they're having a good time."

But Sophie also spoke about Lewis' manhood after THAT scene in the shower and he was feeling concerned about what might have aired.

"They're not going to sit there and show my bare penis," he feared.

Marnie didn't help, although she was correct, replying: "Yeah, they would."

It turned out that she had frets of her own: "This is what's worrying me, I've been walking around naked.

"I'm panicking, if they're showing your d**k they're definitely going to show my t*ts."

Lewis replied bluntly: "Of course they're going to show your t*ts.

"You're running around the bedroom. Of course that's what they'll show."

He then claimed: " We've tried to be a little bit sensible about things, we're not just going 'Bam, here's my [penis]!'"

Bizarrely, the bonding over bodies brought the pair even closer together.

"I'll never ever break your heart, I promise," Lewis went on to declare. "I've got no interest in doing that. My heart is in this too so if I break yours, I break mine."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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