Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Waissel says her escort gran is more famous than Heavy D

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Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Waissel makes a brilliant quip about her 'escort' gran in tonight's show.

It comes after Heavy picks on her in the garden, accusing Katie of ‘jumping on the band wagon’ and not having an opinion, which annoys her.

Katie replies: “Maybe you should calm down and focus on you. I do have my own opinion. Maybe you’re not worth me wasting my opinion on…”

Heavy D asks Katie: “Why are you even here?”

She replies: “Because I was paid to! More than you!”

After Heavy brands her an "X Factor reject", Katie retorts: “I’m obviously still important six years on that they want me on this show! I know for me I’m better than you…you’re an embarrassment. My grandma is more famous than you!”

Katie walks away while Bear comments: “I think she handled herself quite well!”

Later in the bedroom, Katie is talking about her grandmother: “I was on The X Factor…I got sat down and told a really huge story will be front page of the big newspaper on Sunday, your grandma has been found out to be a prostitute! The night before I told my grandma not to speak to anyone…”

After, Katie tells Heavy D: “I’ve had enough of you! You are a waste of space! Shut up! You are the fool in here. You made it personal by coming at me.”

Heavy D chuckles but it's Katie who gets the last laugh when he is evicted.

Katie comments: “He’s picked on me since day one!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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