Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Lewis Bloor spends night in spare room after Heavy D fight

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Lewis Bloor spent the night in spare room following his fight with Heavy D on Celebrity Big Brother 2016 yesterday.

In tonight's show, we see Lewis return to the house as he and a now evicted Heavy D make up... sort of.

At the top of the show, in the bedroom, Marnie tells Bear that she feels betrayed by him, as he didn’t stand up for Lewis; “I’m disappointed in you.”

Meanwhile, in the diary room, Frankie tells Big Brother; “The route of all evil in this house is Bear, who is cranking Heavy D up like a little wind up toy!”

Lewis re-joins the house and apologises to Heavy D and the pair shake hands.

In the smoking area, Bear tells Lewis ‘Marnie stuck up for him’ and that he ‘found Heavy D funny’

Back in the bedroom, Marnie reveals to Lewis that she was disappointed with Bear. Lewis comments: “We’ll see him for who he really is…”

In the diary room, Heavy D confirms to Big Brother that him and Lewis ‘are fine’ and he wanted to ‘ruffle some feathers’

Lewis tells Bear that he’s always stood by his side: “If we’ve got to that point in the game now, where you can’t afford to have friends, then that’s OK.”

Bear replies: “I’m up every week, I’ve got nothing to lose! Just do you.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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