Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Samantha Fox snaps at Stephen Bear

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Samantha Fox has clashed with Stephen Bear in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

It follows the fallout from last night's face to face nominations where Bear seemingly nominated Sam for "sitting on the fence" and "not having an opinion".

She responded by refusing to share her cigarettes with him but he replied: "Someone's taken it to heart, bear in mind that the first time I met you, you put me up. Do I hold a grudge? No. Someone's got the hump."

Sam eventually snapped: "I'll you what, why don't you shove it up your a**e."

She later confided in Renee: "That's what the public like about me, I say how I feel, I don't skirt about, that's why I'm in here."

The former Page 3 pin-up went on to rant: "I haven't wasted 33 years to be beaten by some bloke who's been on ex or sex on the beach or whatever it is.

"You're telling me that's a talent? Loads of blokes can do that, it's not that hard."

Renee replied: "The game has just begun."

While things were frosty between Sam and Bear, elsewhere in the house last night, he seemed to be getting flirty with Aubrey.

"You make me laugh all the time, I get you," she told him.

"Do you fancy me a little bit?" Bear teased.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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