Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Wait, does Lewis Bloor have a girlfriend!?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Aubrey O'Day dropped a bombshell in the Celebrity Big Brother house in tonight's show.

In a chat with Marnie Simpson, she revealed that Lewis Bloor had spoken to her about seeing a girl before the series.

"There was a girl in the beginning," she explained, "In the bathroom he told me there was a great girl and he said she didn't want to be famous.

"He wasn't dating her, I think he was going to come here and they'll see what happens."

After, in the smoking area, Marnie was quick to question Lewis and quizzed the ex TOWIE star if he was single.

He replied: “I’m not seeing anyone out of here! I’ve been on dates; no one has stayed at my house.”

Lewis insisted he didn't have a girlfriend, declaring: "I've come into this house single."

Watching the couple's latest drama, Ricky commented to Samantha: "The thing is, she's had some bad boyfriends so he's the nicest guy she's met. She kinda sees him as the best thing since sliced bread...

"But once they come out of here he's gong to have a tonne of girls after him and how will he handle that?

"In here you only got what you see, you ain't got no choice."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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