Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Heavy D picks on "reject" Katie Waissel

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Heavy D has been causing more trouble in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house tonight.

After last night provking Lewis Bloor into losing his cool, Heavy went out of his way to pick on other housemates this evening.

Earlier today, he complained to Bear: "Listen mate, I just want people to not get an easy ride in here."

The 43-year-old actor bitched behind the backs of Samantha and Ricky... about them bitching behind people's backs.

"I don't like people like that, if you've got some to say, say it to their face, don't say it behind their back, that's sneaky, that's called two faced," Heavy said.

He continued: "They've let themselves down by playing it safe. they've come on this show and trying to get an easy pay cheque, bitching and moaning about everyone, that's letting yourself down.

"Me speaking my mind, being an open book, is not letting myself down, that's called being truthful, having integrity, they ain't got any of it."

But rather than confronting either Sam or Ricky, Heavy instead opted for an easier target in Katie but perhaps got more than he bargained for.

Staying calm, Katie tried to explain her being quieter side: "People are different and people have different personalities..."

Heavy - real name Colin Newell - then accused Katie of having a sob story and playing the "sympathy card".

"Why are you even here? You're a failed X Factor reject... you're an X Factor reject, love. I'm current, I'm current, you're an X Factor reject from six years ago," Heavy ranted.

"You're as a current as a stale piece of bread," Katie replied. "It's embarrassing."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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