Lewis Bloor is doing Celebrity Big Brother for his mum

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Lewis Bloor has said he doesn't want to be on TV any more following Celebrity Big Brother.

The Ex-TOWIE star has revealed he's only taking part in the Channel 5 series for his mum an ruled out joining Geordie Shore with Marnie Simpson.

In tonight's show, Aubrey questions Lewis and Marnie about their relationship, and if he could join Marnie on her show.

Lewis says: “I wouldn’t dream of going back on a show like that! I don’t want to be on TV!” Aubrey then asks Lewis why is he here, he replies; “So I can buy my mum a house!”

Later there's talk of Lewis and Marnie moving in together, as she says ‘it would depend on the circumstances’. Renee advises her ‘not to give up her day job until she’s 100% sure’

After, in the smoking area, Marnie checks with Lewis if he’s single, he replies: “I’m not seeing anyone out of here! I’ve been on dates; no one has stayed at my house.”

Meanwhile, Ricky comments on Lewis and Marnie’s relationship to Samantha: “When she’s had so many bad guys, he’s the nicest guy that she’s met.

"In comparison, his goodness out weighs his bad! She sees him as the best thing since sliced bread.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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