Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor get VERY close...

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor upped the ante of their Celebrity Big Brother showmance yesterday.

With the eviction looming the pair got very cosy in the garden as Lewis began to caress and kiss Marnie all over.

He then told her: "I want to kiss your lips..."

"Which ones?" asked Marnie.

"Not the ones on your face," he said as he kissed up her legs.

At the same time, Ricky Norwood was expressing his opinion to some of the housemates that the relationship was unlikely the last on the outside

"The thing is, she's had some bad boyfriends so he's the nicest guy she's met," Ricky claimed. "She kinda sees him as the best thing since sliced bread...

"But once they come out of here he's gong to have a tonne of girls after him and how will he handle that?

"In here you only got what you see, you ain't got no choice."

Lewis faces the latest eviction this evening against Heavy D, Bear and Renee.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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