Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Bear has no regrets about ruining house's yearbook

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Stephen Bear doesn't think he did anything wrong after destroying a Celebrity Big Brother yearbook.

In tonight's show we saw the group get a 'school yearbook' as part of a new task, with pictures from their time in the house so far.

Aubrey and Ricky had put the book together with housemates in categories such as 'most likely to keep it real', 'most likely to cause drama', 'most likely to make people laugh and 'most likely to act fake'.

Away from the rest of the group in this evening's episode, Bear decided to add his personal opinions to the yearbook, and destroy it as he wrote names and comments in jam over some of the pages.

Katie asked him why he was doing it, with Bear replying: “Cos I want to.”

Once the other housemates discovered Bear's vandalism, they were all annoyed.

Lewis took the yearbook into the diary room, followed by Marnie and told Big Brother: “The book is ruined. We would like a nice new one please Big Brother. I love him and I standby him, but he’s just destroyed this. It’s starting to get on my nerves. That’s anarchy.”

Marnie agreed as Lewis added: “His actions will mark his future.”

The morning after and with tension between Bear and other housemates, he said of his actions: "I don't think there's nothing wrong with that."

"If you felt you needed to express your opinion you could have probably done it a different way," replied Aubrey.

Bear asked: "In what other way is that?"

Aubrey quipped: "Just like an adult."

While almost everyone in the house was upset with Bear's actions, he did have support from Heavy D.

The aftermath will air in Tuesday night's show on Channel 5.

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