Celebrity Big Brother update! Lewis rages, Bear's not sorry and eviction looms

Latest news from Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Here are all of the latest Celebrity Big Brother news headlines and updates from the past 24 hours in the house.

- The fallout of Bear's destruction of the house yearbook saw him unapologetic, saying he did nothing wrong despite upsetting the whole house.

- There was a tense row in the evening which saw a fed up Lewis square up to Heavy D in the garden after getting riled by his trouble making.

- That was after Lewis and Marnie got very close in the garden, with Lewis keen to get more intimate with the Geordie Shore star.

- Bear opened up is nail salon, giving Marnie a pedicure and Heavy a manicure in return for food.

- Housemates made a pack of cards out using a cereal box and nail polish, but ended up arguing over who's idea it was.

- Bear discussed the final and confidently predicted he'd be there, while Marnie predicted she'll be nominated next.

- Bear's girlfriend has spoken out to say she feels "humiliated" over his CBB antics with Chloe Khan in the house.

- But Chloe has also spoken out to defend herself and say she an Bear did nothing more than kiss.

- It's the latest Celebrity Big Brother eviction tonight as Renee, Lewis, Heavy D and Bear face the axe. Heavy is the favourite to go.

- Meanwhile Bear has become the new favourite to WIN the show this summer ahead of next week's final.

- Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight LIVE at 9PM on Channel 5

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