Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Bear upsets EVERYONE with his latest 'prank'


Stephen Bear's latest 'funny' prank has left the whole Celebrity Big Brother house upset.

In tonight's show, Bear is seen repeating his one trick 'joke' of pouring food over things.

After previously trashing the bathroom with soup, cracking eggs in the garden and dowsing the smoking area in olive oil, Bear is at it again in this evening's highlights on Channel 5.

It begins as he first pours coffee on the floor which leaves even pal Lewis riled.

Bear later tells James that the house ‘needs controversy’; “I say one or two things to spark a massive argument…it’s a game in here!”

He follows that up by 'hilariously' pouring jam over a yearbook put together as part of the latest Back to School task.

Katie asks Bear why he’s doing it, he replies; “Cos I want to," as he writes Chloe’s name for the class of 2016 overall superstar.

Housemates are left annoyed with Bear for ruining the yearbook, which was made up of pictures of their stay in the house so far.

Lewis takes the yearbook into the diary room, followed by Marnie.

He says: “The book is ruined. We would like a nice new one please Big Brother. I love him and I standby him, but he’s just destroyed this.

"It’s starting to get on my nerves. That’s anarchy.”

Marnie agrees as Lewis adds: “His actions will mark his future.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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