Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 18 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Here are all of the latest highlights coming up from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

It's Day 19 and for a new task, Big Brother will send housemates back to school

Housemates wake up to music and dance round the bedroom

Housemates are given school uniforms to wear

Big Brother announces to the housemates that they must follow the rules and school activities and lessons, if they behave they will receive a reward and if they don’t, they will be disciplined

Aubrey and Ricky are Head Boy and Head Girl, Big Brother is the Headmaster

Aubrey and Ricky read out the rules, these include: no game cheating, clean up, no disruptive behaviour, listen when others speak, not to use the word BOOM

Heavy D and Bear are first to break the school rules, the pair are sent to stand in the corner

Aubrey asks Bear and Heavy D to clean up in the kitchen

The pair continues to break the rules. Bear spills coffee over the kitchen floor, and him and Heavy D shout out BOOM several times

Headmaster Big Brother calls Bear to the Headmaster’s office - the diary room - to remind Bear of the rules. Bear cleans up the spilled coffee

In the garden, James is apologising to Aubrey for nominating her. The pair hug

Lewis tells Marnie he feels that she is ‘braver than him’ as she wants to go shark diving

As part of task, housemates must paint a picture of the life models that are in the garden

Housemates each paint a picture, Bear is first to finish

Aubrey and Ricky announce Bear as the winner, and also the most disruptive

For disrupting the art class, Bear is in detention

Ricky is in the diary room; “It’s been one of the calmest days! We knew Bear would be the most disruptive; he’s been quite good today.”

Big Brother throws the house a school disco. Music with the word BOOM is played into the house to try and entice the housemates to break the rules by shouting out BOOM

Heavy D breaks the rules by using the word BOOM, he’s called to the Headmaster’s office and told to wear the dunce hat and stand in a corner of living area

In the smoking area, Bear tells James that the house ‘needs controversy’; “I say one or two things to spark a massive argument…it’s a game in here!”

Ricky and Aubrey showcase to the house, a school yearbook that they made. The first category in the year book is most likely to become a millionaire after Celebrity Big Brother, the pair pick Lewis and Marnie; “You’ll have your own spin off show!’

The next category is the housemate that will most likely to keep it real, the pair pick Renee

The housemate most likely to be competitive is Aubrey

Bear is picked as the housemate most likely to cause drama

Katie is picked as the housemate most likely to make people laugh

James is picked as the housemate most likely to act fake

Bear is picked again as the housemate most likely to sacrifice someone else for personal gain

Ricky is picked as the housemate most likely to have done themselves proud in the house

Heavy D is picked as the housemate most likely to have let themselves down in the house

Samantha is picked as the housemate most likely to be loved by the public

Lewis comments to Marnie; “I would never do a spin off show with you unless it was for a million pound…love first money second.”

Finally, the overall superstar is awarded to Frankie

In the bedroom, Renee reveals to Marnie that she once got engaged after a month and 19 days. Marnie announces; “I’m scared…I love him so much, I’m just worried.”

Bear decides to add his personal opinions to the yearbook, and writes names in jam over some of the pages. Katie asks him why he’s doing it, he replies; “Cos I want to.” He writes Chloe’s name for the class of 2016 overall superstar

Housemates are annoyed with Bear for ruining the yearbook

Lewis takes the yearbook into the diary room, followed by Marnie. He says; “The book is ruined. We would like a nice new one please Big Brother. I love him and I standby him, but he’s just destroyed this. It’s starting to get on my nerves. That’s anarchy.” Marnie agrees. Lewis adds; “His actions will mark his future.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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