Celebrity Big Brother Katie Waissel's weird American accent has viewers puzzled

katie cbb

Katie Waissel's strange accent has caused a stir amongst Celebrity Big Brother fans after tonight's show.

This evening's episode saw up until now quiet Katie crack after attention seeking antics from Heavy D and Bear.

She snapped after the duo trashed the house with food: "I'm going to smash those bottles of alcohol. I'm telling you Big Brother, you do not want to see this side of me."

Katie then confronted Heavy D, with her accent transforming between a weird mix of English and American: "If you were smart you will take this f**king broom, Colin, and f**king clean this s**t up with me.

"Don't you dare f**king laugh. Put your God Damn cigarette out and clean your f**king s**t up."

Online and viewers found Katie's mix of accents strange with some even branding her "fake".

However Katie has in fact lived in America since moving there many years ago shortly after her X Factor stint, residing in New York, LA and most recently moving to Atlanta with new husband Brian Moot.

So now you know!






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