Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Lewis Bloor loses it with Bear after 'funny' prank

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Lewis Bloor has had enough of Stephen Bear's Celebrity Big Brother antics after another 'funny' prank.

The TOWIE star raged when Bear repeated his 'hilarious' gag of dropping food on the floor, this time spilling coffee everywhere.

"He's done that again? F**k's sake man," Louis vented in the bedroom.

Samantha Fox asked: "Have a word, Lewis."

"I can't be responsible for that s**t, man," replied Lewis. "It's bang out of order to put that on me.

"That's f**king annoying... that's a f**king liberty. He is so out of order... That's just f**king stupidity... That's a right p**s take."

Lewis went on: "I'm going to everyone, 'Come on guys get the coffee out and stop hiding it'. Then boom, he goes and does something like that.

"I don't blame you for hiding it now. In fact, tell me where you've been hiding it and I'll go and put it back for you."

He concluded: "This is so annoying. It's the same joke over and over. It's not funny."

And Marnie agreed: "Oh my God man, that's annoying."

Meanwhile Bear and Ricky surprisingly begun to bond as they did the washing up together.

The pair spoke about how they both like to have a clean room at home. "I always polish it, it's always clean," Bear revealed, "Everything's got to be in its place, very neat and tidy. I think that's a good thing to have."

Presumably however it doesn't apply when he's in the Celebrity Big Brother house...

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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