Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Things EXPLODE after the house is trashed

cbb fight night

It all kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house last night with Bear and Heavy D in desperate need of attention.

Things began yesterday evening when, seemingly still unhappy with Chloe Khan being evicted, Bear continued to try and take it out on the other housemates, this time by causing a right mess and wasting more food.

Not long after the group's latest shopping delivery arrived, Bear decided to pour the contents of tins of soup and tomatoes all over the bathroom floor.

cbb bear bathroom

He said to himself as he did so: "This is my business, f**k them."

Not one to be out done, Heavy replied in kind as the 43-year-old poured cereal all over the floor and chucked eggs on the carpet of the living area.

"On f**k it, s**t!" he shouted.

Renee whispered to some of the other housemates: "Pay no attention, do not get up, that was done on purpose, you ignore the fool in the room. "

Samantha Fox rolled her eyes: "Here it goes again."

Renee then questioned Heavy: "Are you feelings hurt? Is that how you behave when your feelings are hurt? What a shame, what a disgrace."

Renee then raged: "This game that everybody is playing is making me f**king sick, why doesn't everybody say it to each other's face what the f**k they feel, they want to call each other old, ugly, fat, controlling..."

Meanwhile in the garden, Bear encouraged Heavy and laughed to Lewis and Marnie: "He's in self destruct mode."

After discovering the mess, Katie finally cracked.

The up until now quiet housemate snapped: "I'm going to smash those bottles of alcohol. I'm telling you Big Brother, you do not want to see this side of me."

katie cbb

She then confronted Heavy D: "If you were smart you will take this f**king broom, Colin, and f**king clean this s**t up with me.

"Don't you dare f**king laugh. Put your God Damn cigarette out and clean your f**king s**t up."

The action will air in tonight's latest Celebrity Big Brother highlights on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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