Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 17 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight? Catch up!

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Here are all of the latest Celebrity Big Brother highlights coming up in tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

It's Day 17 and Housemates wake up to loud, dinosaur-esque (sic) noises from Bear and Heavy D. Renee asks Heavy D if he wakes up like that at home and he says he does. “Does anybody live with you?” she adds, “No,” Heavy D laughs.

Having won this week’s Shopping Task, Bear and Renee are preparing to spend their luxury shopping budget. Bear decides that he would like to spend his share of the budget on items for himself. Bear’s choices include seven French Manicure kits and a packet of condoms.

Bear tells Lewis that he feels that some Housemates are getting “close” so has ordered “Extra Safe” condoms. Bear adds: “….also everyone likes to be pampered so I’m gonna pamper everyone in house, it’s communeral (sic).”

In the Bedroom, Renee tells some of the Housemates what Bear has ordered. Bear then enters the Bedroom and hears the tail end of the conversation. Aubrey reminds him that he is now unable to eat any of the “group food” as he has spent his portion of the budget. Lewis tells Bear that he will share his food with him. “Thanks Lewis, at least I won’t starve,” Bear quips.

Heavy D claims that he has never seen Renee wash up. Renee takes offence; Bear agrees with Heavy D and the three begin to argue. She tells Heavy D, “You can feed yourself now, you wanna start calling s**t let’s play?” Renee tells Bear, “Unless I send for you don’t f**king come for me, I’m not that b***h that you wanna push around.” Bear adopts movie gangster voice and mocks, “Just forget about it.” Big Brother calls Bear to the Diary Room and reminds him not to goad any of his housemates.

In the Bedroom, Renee tells Aubrey, “I’m losing my f**king mind,” and says that she cries in the house because, “I can’t say and do what I want, that s**t would have been f**king nipped in the bud…I’m being provoked by a f**king clown and his jester.”

Lewis and Marnie are having a bath together. Marnie ponders about future nominations. Lewis claims Sam with be “fuming” once she is nominated adding, “…you think Bear or Heavy D are ruthless, that woman, is a war machine.”

Bear and Renee are in the Kitchen. She asks if he would like to call a “truce.” Bear says that Renee he has not done anything “personal” to him but Renee disagrees. She says that she has been “mean” which is out of character for her and gets upset. They agree to move forward and shake on it.

During the day, Housemates were called to the Diary Room for this week’s nominations. Big Brother has gathered Housemates on the sofa and screens the nominations of all to see.

Post nominations, Heavy D and Bear are in mischievous mood and throw various food stuffs about the House including olive oil, pasta and cereal. Renee warns Housemate to “pay no attention…ignore the fool in the room.”

Big Brother calls Heavy D and Bear to the Diary Room separately. They are told that their actions are not appropriate and that they should clean up the mess they have created.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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