Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Arguments over the shopping list

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

The shopping budget caused arguments in the Celebrity Big Brother house today.

The group won a total budget of £550 in the latest shopping task and it seemed for some of them it was more money than they'd ever seen in their lives previously.

Stephen Bear and Heavy D got a little excited as they browsed what they could buy with the cash, such as French manicure kits.

However Renee Graziano was keen to keep an eye on the pair and asked to order first.

Heavy complained: "Why are so many people overprotective over the list?"

Some housemates wanted to split the total budget evenly, with Bear saying: "I'm going to get a couple of nail kits and do everyone's nails."

However the disagreements continued, with Heavy getting annoyed that his requests for braces and topside beef weren't getting included on the list.

"I want eggs, chicken and veg," Lewis told him, "You want braces back and a £70 kebab."

Ricky added: "There has to be general f**King shopping first for every f**ikng body and then we can go back and see if we've got £10 for your beef."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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