Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Lewis Bloor punished for nominations talk

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Lewis Bloor has been the latest housemate to get punished on Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

And once again it was after a nominations rule break.

Big Brother gathered the housemates today and announced: "As you all know it is against the rules for housemates to discuss their nominations with one another.

"This includes discussing or hinting at who you might nominate in future or have nominated previously, it also includes any discussion with another housemate that could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence their nominations."

Big Brother then revealed: "Today at 10:09AM this rule was broken again. In a conversation between Lewis and Heavy D the following was said by Lewis: 'Don't ever do it to us to again, promise, just don't.'"

Big Brother felt this was Lewis warning Heavy not to nominate Marnie again, following the live twist on Tuesday where Heavy nominated her face to face.

As a result, Lewis was sent straigh to jail however he declared: "I don't even care."

And why would he? Lewis spent his afternoon exercising in the garden just like he'd have been doing anyway.

Proving the punishment useless, not long after Lewis was once again plotting future nominations.

He told Chloe: "We've got 8 aimed at us and we're only 4 so we need to be smart. There's only a couple of prime targets in their group, isn't there?"

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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