Celebrity Big Brother 2016: A naked Chloe comes between Lewis and Marnie

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

A naked Chloe Khan gets between a bickering Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

It begins as housemates compete in the next part of Big Brother’s Big Risk task. In the Diary Room each Housemate chooses whether to play for ‘Me’ or for the ‘House.’ Frankie, Renee, Bear, Chloe, Heavy D and Marnie play for themselves while James, Sam, Lewis, Katie, Ricky and Aubrey choose to play for the House.

In the Garden Marnie confides in Bear that she is unhappy that Lewis chose the House over her. “If the tables were turned, I would have sacrificed myself for Lewis,” she says.

Later on returning to the House, Marnie tells Lewis how she feels. Lewis tells her that today’s task is different from yesterday so he knew that there was no option to save her.

Marnie states, “You chose a House that has not chosen you, everyone here slags you off and you chose that over me.”

Lewis retreats to the story room but Marnie follows. “I was right, the prize was not to save you… but I’ve lost you in the process," he says as Marnie storms out.

James has come to the Diary Room and likens the relationships in the house “being in a soap opera.” He tells Big Brother that he thinks Bear will be saved tomorrow and that Marnie or Chloe may be evicted.

Later, Chloe is feeling mischievous and attempts a naked dash to the bathroom. Lewis covers her over but Marnie protests, “It’s only a naked body.”

But fans of Lewnie will be happy to know the pair eventually make up.

Lewis tells Marnie, “I see a future for us and its f**king beautiful, I f**king love you so much, I don’t wanna lose you.”

Marnie replies: “I love you more than I should, maybe I should put my guard up.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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