Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Has Ricky Norwood "broken" Stephen Bear?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Ricky Norwood looks to have finally got one up on his feud with Stephen Bear on Celebrity Big Brother.

For the time being, at least.

In the bathroom last night, Franie Grande and Ricky discussed how Bear had been left "broken" by comments made to him by Ricky earlier in the week.

"This is a brutal game, this is 'How can you f**k over people who are sitting next to you'" Ricky reflected. "I don't even want to shower in the shower no more."

"I don't think they care any more," Frankie added of Bear and his clique.

Ricky continued: "The comments I made, when I did flip, the comments I made to Bear, they mother**king hit home.

"I said 'You're billy no mates, you've got no friends, you're a f**king ugly human being', those two things have stuck with him, he's mentioned it...

"I'm not apologising for it, f**k you, you motherf**ker, I stand by it,. I think it hit home. Good, I'm glad it hit his heart."

Frankie revealed: "He's definitely been a little bit broken, he's definitely had his tail between his legs."

"A little, bit, it won't last long," predicted Ricky. "If he survives [in tonight's eviction] again he's going to think he's invincible."

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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