Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Is Stephen Bear the one being used by Chloe Khan?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

While some Celebrity Big Brother housemates seem to think that Stephen Bear is using Chloe Khan, it could be the opposite.

Chloe and Bear have struck up camera friendly showmance in this summer's series, despite both having partners on the outside.

Some housemates have accused Bear of using the model, with Renee even telling Chloe to keep away from him.

But a supposed friend of Chloe's claims that if anyone's doing the using, it's her.

"I really don't think she's fallen deeply for Bear, Chloe's fiercely independent and isn't the type to fall in love easily," they revealed today.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the pal said: "Men usually fall at her feet in the outside world!

"Allegedly, it's very mundane living inside the Big Brother house, so Chloe's likely got together with Bear purely to make her stay more fun."

The so-called acquaintance added to the newspaper: "I can't imagine they'll end-up in a serious relationship. "I think things will fizzle out fairly quickly once they're out of the house.

"He's just not Chloe's usual type at all!"

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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