Celebrity Big Bother 2016: Renee Graziano EXPLODES at Stephen Bear

cbb renee bear

Renee Graziano completely lost it with Stephen Bear in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house last night.

It's after he nominated her for eviction on Tuesday evening face to face.

As the group enjoyed a party won by Aubrey and Frankie in a task, Renee confronted Bear after he kept trying to provoke a reaction.

And he certainly got one, as Renee snapped: "You just don't seem to get it, we're having a party, all I asked is for you not to speak to me, not to put my name in your mouth, leave me the f**k alone."

She ranted at him: "You're ignorant and childish and you just don't seem to to get that you can do whatever you want to everybody else but nobody can do it to you or her [Chloe].

"I don't like what the f**k you said about me yesterday, you're a cruel individual, you're ignorant, selfish, self-centred and you're worth f**king nothing."

Bear suggested Renee was jealous and claimed she fancied him, but the Mob Wives star replied: "I thought you were cute and had great legs and beautiful eyes, big f**king deal, get over yourself.

"Stop addressing me, you are not to speak to me.

Renee concluded: "Leave me the f**k alone, I've been nice and polite for the last three days, I am done."

As part of a new task, Renee SAVED herself from eviction and had the power to pick another housemate to nominate in her place.

Her decision and the fallout will air in tonight's highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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