Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Frankie Grande and Aubrey O'Day organise a party with a twist

aubrey frankie

Frankie Grande and Aubrey O'Day got to organise a party for the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

But as with pretty much everything involving Big Brother, there was a twist.

First of all, the parts of the party - the food, drinks and extras - were chosen totally randomly.

Aubrey and Frankie began by spinning a wheel to decide which two foods they'd enjoy and lucked out, relatively, with fresh fruit and pretzels.

They then had to pick two cards at random to select their drinks and again chance worked in their favour as they picked Gin and Tonic and a Cocktail Barman.

Finally, the American duo had to spin a tombola and pick out two random treats, selecting popcorn and a chocolate fountain.

Big Brother then delivered a twist (copying the task from this summer's BBUK all of two weeks back) by offering more treats in exchange for invites.

Big Brother told the duo that they could pick more drinks, food or extras for their party but for each additional item they would have to ban a housemate from attending.

The pair thought hard about it, even considering to uninvite all the housemates and enjoy a load of treats for themselves.

But eventually the duo opted to take the moral high ground, sticking with what they had and inviting ALL of their fellow housemates to the party.

Let's hope they don't regret it...

CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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