Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Did Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear just have sex in the shower?!

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear got VERY close in the shower on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

It follows the pair hooking up in a toilet, although Bear insisted that nothing happened that time.

In this evening's episode, Chloe and Bear entered the shower before some very suggestive noises began to echo around the bathroom.

She then left half-naked after enjoying a little privacy with Bear.

At the same time, Renee was in the diary room talking about Bear: “I tell Bear what I think of him. I don’t think highly of him, I think he’s a user.”

Bear previously hinted that the shower would be the best place to have sex in the Big Brother house.

The Ex On The Beach star, who has a girlfriend on the outside, told Chloe last week: "I wouldn't [have sex] in here... well, not [in the bedroom]. Maybe in the shower one night, who knows?"

As Bear and Chloe got close in one shower, next door Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor were also having a fun night.

It followed the couple clearing the air after a bizarre falling out the night before that the other housemates believed was faked for air time.

In this evening's episode, in the garden, Marnie and Lewis were seen talking as he told her: “You’re worth more to me than an argument in here.”

Later, Lewis added: “We have rushed into things…for me this is perfect, you make me feel like a good man. Just your energy! This is something worth holding onto.”

Following the eviction, the pair stripped off and enjoyed another 'romantic' shower.

Afterwards, in the garden, Marnie suggested that Chloe did a topless pole dance and she obliged, leaving the rest of the housemates disgusted.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on Channel 5.

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