Celebrity Big Brother 2016! Four nominated housemates to face new TWIST!

Who's up for eviction on Big Brother? Nomination results revealed!

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Four housemates face the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2016 eviction this Friday night after a round of killer nominations.

However there is another twist in store.

It was Saira Khan who left Celebrity Big Brother 2016 last night after facing eviction against Stephen Bear, Lewis Bloor and Heavy D.

And straight after those three guys went from the danger zone into a position of power.

Following the live show, Big Brother gathered the remaining housemates and told Bear, Heavy and Lewis to stand.

Big Brother explained that as a reward for surviving eviction, they and them alone had the power of nominations this week. They each had one killer nomination.

Bear was over the moon, running around the living area and shouting: "In your face!" to the other housemates.

"Who wants to go now?" he asked before nominating Renee Graziano for her "negativity".

Lewis was next to nominate and voted for James for being a "threat in the house" who could "sail the whole way".

Finally, Heavy nominated Marnie for not being a "nice person".

Renee, James and Marnie were automatically put up for the next eviction alongside Bear, who is of course eternally nominated.

HOWEVER, Big Brother then revealed that the killer nominees would be playing to SAVE themselves in a new twist to air in Thursday night's show.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues nightly with the next eviction live Friday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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