Celebrity Big Brother: Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor make up and get naked again

cbb naked

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor make up in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother before getting naked together again.

After the trashy tactics from the pair worked to keep Lewis safe from eviction, they waste no time in repeating them after the live show.

It follows the couple clearing the air after a bizarre falling out that the other housemates believed was faked for air time.

In this evening's episode, in the garden, Marnie and Lewis are seen talking as he tells her: “You’re worth more to me than an argument in here.”

Later, Lewis adds: “We have rushed into things…for me this is perfect, you make me feel like a good man. Just your energy! This is something worth holding onto.”

Following the eviction, the pair strip off and enjoy another 'romantic' shower.

And they aren't the only ones as Chloe and Bear also get close in the shower.

Meanwhile, Renee is in the diary room talking about Bear: “I tell Bear what I think of him. I don’t think highly of him, I think he’s a user.”

Afterwards, In the garden, Marnie suggests that Chloe does a topless pole dance and she obliges.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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