Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Chloe Khan unhappy as Renee Graziano 'calls her a prostitute'

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Chloe Khan is left angry with Renee Graziano on Celebrity Big Brother tonight over claims she branded her a prostitute.

And there's more upset from Chloe when Saira recreates her massage of Bear in an hilarious scene in the garden.

It begins when, in the bedroom, Chloe is in bed and overhears Saira joking around with some of her housemates: “There are two showmances in this house! Chloe’s way is a new way of massaging! It’s nice to see Chloe and Bear getting really close.”

In the diary room, Chloe talks to Big Brother about the comments: “I laid there listening. What’s everyone’s problem? It's nothing to do with them!”

Afterwards, in the kitchen, Chloe reveals to Bear: “I just got called a prostitute by Renee. They were talking about us, ‘there are two showmances in here and that’s a weird way to give a massage!’”

Bear announces: “I think there’s jealousy in the house, they keep talking about showmances and I think they’re jealous!”

Meanwhile, in the garden, Saira is dressed in a bra stuffed with toilet tissue, and persuades Heavy D to take a seat in the bathroom so she can re-enact Chloe’s massage to Bear. Some of the housemates laugh as Bear yells: “Imitation is the best form of flattery!”

Saira declares ‘that was my fun side’ but in the bedroom Chloe is upset with Renee and thinks Saira is a snake.

Saira apologises to her housemates for the incident, as Chloe gets her 'revenge' when Saira is evicted in the evening.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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