Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephen Bear says his gang now 'own the house'

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Stephen Bear and his gang say they own the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house now after being saved from eviction.

Last night's live show saw Saira Khan get the chop as Heavy D, Lewis Bloor and Bear were all kept in ahead of her.

The result boosted the numbers of Bear and Lewis' 'squad' and they took great glee in celebrating the power they had in the house.

"We've just been f**king saved, it's the best feeling in the world," Bear declared following eviction. "And you know what, I'm very confident I will stay again."

Lewis said: "We are this house, we are the foundations. They've had it easy, they weren't even up for nomination."

Chloe Khan added: "We could have lost half our team in one go and it didn't happen."

Bear concluded: "I'll just go ruthless now, who gives a f**k? It's our house."

Following the eviction, survivors Bear, Lewis and Heavy were then given the power to each make a killer nomination.

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How that all played out and the fallout will air in tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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