Celebrity Big Brother housemates have no idea why Biggins was removed

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have no idea why Christopher Biggins was removed from the house, it's been revealed.

Evicted Grant Bovey, who left the house shortly after Biggins' rejection last Friday, has told how the group are clueless as what to he had done wrong.

Big Brother bosses ejected Biggins for repeated instances of unacceptable language that was capable of causing offence, following a number of warnings.

However not all the scenes were aired and it's not just us viewers who have been left in the dark about what went on.

Grant explained this week: “At the time, he didn’t know he’d said something that could offend some people, and neither did anyone else in the house.

“We couldn’t work out why he’d gone."

He told ITV's This Morning: "We didn’t know. The strange thing was with Biggins, he went to the diary room – which you do two or three times a day – he was gone for half an hour and then Big Brother made an announcement saying Biggins had been removed. They used the word removed.”

Grant spilled: "We all thought it was a gag and that he'd gone off to do a task, but then they heard us and said no, he had been removed.

"It was then we thought it was serious, but none of us - the penny hadn't dropped - none of us could work out why he had gone."

Biggins himself was due to appear on the show to discuss his exit, but pulled out at the last minute.

However a statement read out on his behalf said: “Once again I wanted to say how very sorry and shocked I am about what’s happened.“I’ve been so moved by some of the amazing and kind support I’ve been getting since being removed from the Big Brother house. Thank you.

“For now I’m taking some time out to be with loved ones, I hope you all understand. Love Biggins.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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