Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Housemates get pied in humiliating dares

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates had to pick one another to pie in the face as part of a new task tonight.

Just two days after warning housemates about humiliating dares, Big Brother gave the housemates some humiliating dares.

In one round, Katie, Samantha and Marnie were each given a pie and a category and dared to pie the person they felt fit the category best.

Marnie pied Heavy D as the least trustworthy, Katie also pied Heavy D as the most annoying and Sam pied Bear as the most boring, saying: "You do the same thing every day!"

In another round, Frankie, James and Ricky found themselves wearing Big Brother's favourite piece of task equipment: the electric shockers. They were dared to wear the devices until further notice and be electrocuted at random intervals

Next, Heavy, Lewis, Sara and Bear were dared to be handcuffed together and accepted.

Finally, Aubrey, Renee and Chloe were dared to eat food while blindfolded and had to guess what they were eating, with dishes including jellied eels, chillies and blue cheese.

You can watch some highlights from the task below...

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