Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Khan 'is secretly MARRIED'?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Chloe Khan is apparently hiding a big secret on Celebrity Big Brother: She's secretly MARRIED.

Chloe's been a bit sketchy over her relationship status on the outside of the house, previously telling housemates that she had a guy watching her.

However Heavy D insists she told him she was single.

It's been claimed that the truth is something else, with Chloe supposedly 'married' to childhood friend Mohammad Imran Khan, and even has his initials tattooed on her finger.

The pair live in Leeds and apparently tied the knot five years ago.

"Chloe's biggest secret is that she is married, which is why she changed her surname from Heald to Khan," a source blabbed to the Daily Star newspaper.

They revealed: "He is a British Pakistani from Bradford, and they have been married since 2011. They are living together at her mansion in Leeds."

And the insider insisted the pair were very much an item before CBB began last month.

The source added: "They are still 100 per cent together; they went for dinner just before she went into CBB. They've known each other since they were kids."

So what does he make of her kissing Bear?

"I can imagine he is feeling hurt by what he's seeing," is all the source had to say.

A spokesperson for Chloe told the Daily Star: "Seeing as Chloe doesn't have right of reply and is unable to acknowledge any stories herself, we won't be commenting on the claims."

UPDATE! Mohammed has spoken out via Instagram: "There is a lot of speculation and bad press about Chloe's private and family life. It's very sad for me to see that yet again supposed friends of Chloe's are selling stories on her to make a bit of money at her expense.

"Myself and Chloe were married years ago, it ended very amicably and we remain the best of friends. I am running her social media accounts for her whilst she is in the house, and she always has my full support."

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