Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Heavy D and Lewis Bloor kick off ahead of eviction

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Heavy D and Lewis Bloor have kicked off at one another again in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house.

The pair clashed as they tried to prove who was the better of themselves ahead of tonight's eviction.

"Do you think you're a better person than me? Yes or no?" quizzed Heavy.

"Of course I f**king do," replied Lewis.

Heavy ranted: "Why? It shows you're not humble, you're deluded, you think you're better than everyone.

"Tonight [the eviction] is going to be a shock to you, it's going to kill you [if you go], that's not going to bother me, but you're going to be like 'Oh s**t I thought I was going to win this, I told everyone I was going to win this.'"

Heavy then went on to mimic a crying Lewis being evicted before declaring himself the underdog to win.

"But that don't make you a good person, winning the competition," Lewis told him.

Heavy then gave Lewis some tips about how to be a 'better man'.

"You cut me off in the middle of conversations, you're very self centred, you're always talking about yourself, you're obsessed," Heavy told the ex-TOWIE star.

He went on: "It's quite boring when people talk about themselves all the time. It's not a very good quality. You've got to ask people about themselves."

Needless to say, tonight's eviction result could be interesting for the house...

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight, LIVE on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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