Celebrity Big Brother SEX? Housemates get raunchy in the shower... and toilet

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Some of the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates couldn't keep their hands off one another tonight.

One pair to get close were Stephen Bear and Chloe Kahn, despite both having partners on the outside.

In the show, Renee advised Chloe to think about her relationship with Bear and how it reflected on her, while Bear was seen talking to some of his housemates about his relationship on the outside.

He said; “I need to be single! I thought I would be with her forever, but after thinking in here, she’s not the one. I haven’t got time for a girlfriend.”

Chloe went on to talk to Big Brother in the diary room: “Tonight, everyone is getting on! Bear has got a cute side; we’re just having fun while we’re here. I don’t think he’s Prince Charming!”

Bear and Chloe went on to get VERY cosy with one another in a toilet with some very suspicious noises coming from behind the door.

"Ohh, naughty Teddy Bear!" Chloe was heard saying.

They weren't the only ones to get romantically involved in the house in this evening's show as Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson shared a NAKED shower.

And everything was on display as the pair walked out into the bathroom fully nude.

Marnie later talked to Big Brother about Lewis; “I just had the most romantic shower in my life!

"I would never do anything more than shower with him and kiss him. I’ve never had a boy treat me how he treats me! I feel so lucky. He is just perfect. I don’t ever want to leave this house!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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