Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Housemates hatch a plan to deal with "sad" Bear

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Ricky Norwood and Katie Waissel have a plan for dealing with Stephen Bear on Celebrity Big Brother.

It follows Bear's latest attempt to cause more arguments by breaking all of the eggs in the house.

Ricky and Katie vowed not to give him the reaction he wanted.

"I've realised whenever you emotionally react you always end up being in the wrong," Ricky said. "If you take two seconds to breathe..."

Katie agreed: "I think he's feeling like 'Why is no one reacting?'"

Ricky continued: "He should be feeling it, enough is enough. "

"It's so sad, it's so sad," reflected Katie on Bear's antics.

Although Ricky wasn't feeling as much sympathy: "He doesn't care about his friendship.... any excuse to f**k things up."

Katie said: "If I was Chloe I'd say f**king something."

Ricky revealed: "Chloe is super confusing to me, trusting her is hard for me."

While the Eastender felt Chloe had "sweetness and goodness", he suggested she had been fluttering between the two sides of the house and branded her a "spy" for bear.

"I don't trust her any more. She's got sweetness in her but she's attracted to nastiness," he concluded.

Celebrity Big Brother nightly on Channel 5.

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