Biggins suggests Celebrity Big Brother tried to protect him by not airing 'offensive' comments

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins has suggested that Celebrity Big Brother bosses tried to protect him after cutting 'offensive' comments from the show.

Biggins was kicked out of this year's series last week after a string of remarks 'capable of causing offence'.

However some comments were not aired, including an apparent 'Nazi joke' made at Jewish housemate Katie's expense.

"I think Channel 5 were trying to protect me by not screening it," Biggins told The Sun on Sunday newspaper.

He added: “I think it’s unfortunate that someone has decided to leak the story. Then they had to do something."

Biggins explained that he and Katie had made up between the comment being made and Biggins leaving five days later.

"We were really good friends and there was no animosity, we’d cleared the air days before," he said.

Meanwhile, Biggins has revealed plans to visit Auschwitz later this year with his partner, insisting he had organised the trip before CBB.

He said: “Before I went into the house, my partner Neil and I were talking about it because we just feel the whole scenario of the Jewish annihilation is so horrific that we wanted to experience it for ourselves.

“We’re going for five days in October. I’m really looking forward to it. Especially now after this incident.

“It’s strange that I had already decided to experience it myself.”

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