Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Katie Waissel in tears after being picked on by Bear


Katie Waissel was left in tears in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday by Stephen Bear.

In a new task, Housemates were provided with massive balloon bubbles attached to their chest and told that they had to protect their bubbles at all costs.

Housemates were also banned from bursting one another's bubbles, as Big Brother explained that housemates who kept their bubbles intact would enjoy a party.

However just moments into the task, Bear decided to pop Katie's balloon and it left her in tears.

"Aww, now you can't come to the party," he told her.

"That's really f**king ***ty," reacted Katie. "You're a f**king dick."

She then cried in the bathroom and sobbed: "Such a ***t".

Later on in the evening and Katie reflected on the incident.

"I'm not going to let anyone dictate how my experience should be because this is my experience and no one can take it away from me," she told Ricky. "We're very good at sitting on the sidelines and not getting involved.

"Some may mistake that as weakness but they should know it's power, it takes a strong mind and a strong heart to be like 'okay'."

Katie concluded: "I'm not going to look back on this experience with regret."

Meanwhile, Ricky was left raging with Bear's antics.

"He can come at me all day long... it's when you f**king upset every person in this f**king house that I care about, that's what gets to me," he said.

Ricky added to Renee: "When he f**king burst Katie's balloon, that's when the fire was underneath my a**e. I was boiling."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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