Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Marnie Simpson and Saira Khan set a secret task

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates have taken part in a new task today, but there was a twist.

Housemates were provided with massive balloon bubbles attached to their chest and told that they had to protect their bubbles at all costs.

Housemates were also banned from bursting one another's bubbles, as Big Brother explained that housemates who kept their bubbles intact would enjoy a party.

However, there was in fact a secret twist.

Marnie and Saira were on a secret mission and had to pop the bubbles of the housemates they wanted at the party, without being uncovered.

They played it tactically and singled out those they wanted to exclude from the group by making sure not to 'accidentally' pop their bubbles, including Heavy D.

Although some housemates who they actually wanted at the party made things difficult after they barricaded themselves in the pod.

At the end of it all, Chloe, Heavy D, Renee, Aubrey and Frankie had their bubbles remaining as Big Brother revealed all.

After having their bubbles popped by Saira and Marnie, Samantha, James, Lewis, Bear and Ricky were all invited to the party.

HOWEVER, during the task, Bear purposely popped Katie's balloon - which made her cry - and as a result, he was banned from the party and his invite was given to Katie.

Unfortunately for Chloe, Heavy D, Renee, Aubrey and Frankie, this meant being locked up with him while the other housemates enjoyed their party.

The task highlights and fallout will air in Monday night's show on Channel 5.

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