Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Renee Graziano goes on the rampage against Bear

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Renee Graziano went on the rampage against Stephen Bear in the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

As well as confronting him directly (or at least through a door after locking herself away from him in the pod), Renee also took aim at his friends in the house.

First to get an ear bashing was Chloe Khan, as Renee told her that Bear was having a bad influence.

"I don't play little boy games. I don't think a woman should play with little boys... that's how I personally feel, are we clear?" she told the model. "This nonsense is giving me uncomfortable feelings, that is why I have to step back otherwise I'll get real angry."

The Mob Wives star continued: "He's coming across like a real jerk, he makes you look bad, that's the problem I have."

"I know the game, if you want to play that game - let's play it," Renee added. "I know what's up, I'm smart, I've done his a million times in my lifetime.

"The next time he says something, the next time he references you, I'm going off, I've been holding that because I genuinely like the kid."

"I've told him that he makes me look bad," admitted Chloe, as Renee concluded: "It makes you look shady."

Next, she spoke to Lewis.

"I think you need to be your own man sometimes," Renee told the TOWIE star. "When he [Bear] says jump, it feels like you jump."

But he wasn't as quiet a Chloe was in taking Renee's advice.

"It's called friendship darling, when I ask him for a cup of tea he goes and gets me one," he replied.

With Marnie defending her man, Lewis snapped at Renee: "You're talking rubbish."

Celebrity Big Brother is back Monday night on Channel 5.

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