Big Brother asks viewers to dare the housemates... but may regret it

stephen bear

Big Brother bosses have asked for dares for the housemates as part of a new task.

In a tweet sent out by the official @BBUK Twitter account earlier today, Big Brother wrote: "Big Brother wants your DARES for the housemates. Eat a raw onion? Spread a fake rumour? Some of them may even be used in a task! #NERVE"

However many of the replies may have producers regretting that question.

"Dare Bear to leave the house and not come back," wrote on Twitter user.

"I dare you to eject Bear and replace him with a new housemate," another agreed.

David Earle added: "Dare bear to leave and not come back....please" while Jenny Strachan ā€¸echoed: "DARE you to kick Bear out!!!! Not before time"

And Iggy tweeted: "dare you to show us all warnings been given and reasons for ejection...."

Even the more serious suggestions were perhaps a bit too much.

"Drink A Cow P*** Slushie," suggested one fan.

Meanwhile, some other Tweeters pointed out how Big Brother's question followed a warning given to Lewis Bloor in the house on Friday about dares.

Big Brother told Lewis: "Big Brother does constantly monitor the activities of housemates and endeavours to make sure that in particular when groups develop that housemates don't feel singled out, ridiculed or humiliated by the actions or behaviour of other housemates."

Big Brother explained: "After the last few days, you and other housemates suggested and encouraged a number of dares, the effect of which were likely to make particular housemates feel uncomfortable or humiliated for the entertainment of others.

"You should remember that conduct which has the effect of making a certain housemate feel compelled to behave in certain ways could be considered bullying or isolating."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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