Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Saira Khan slated for defending Stephen Bear

saira bear

Saira Khan has found herself being slated by some of CBB 2016 housemates for defending Stephen Bear.

Despite their rocky relationship, Saira and Bear have become surprisingly close in recent days but Saira's "moral high ground" hasn't won her any fans in the house.

Yesterday Aubrey O'Day and Chloe Khan took aim at the Loose Women star after a chat she had with Aubrey.

It began as Aubrey complained that Bear wasn't being punished by Big Brother for eating her team's luxury food from the shopping task.

"There should be a punishment for that 'cause we wore those f**king bot suits and it's not fair," Aubrey said.

She told Chloe and Renee how Saira had suggested the comments were 'hurting feelings' and she should talk to Bear.

"What? I go tell and Bear everything!" Aubrey insisted to the girls.

The American housemate said of Saira getting involved: "Don't force your voodoo s**t on me bro, I can't deal with your f**king s**t right now. I cannot do a Saira voodoo doll.

"She says it so many times and so loudly, she talks so loud so the people around can hear."

Chloe added: "She always tries to look like she's got the moral high ground and it's like just f**k off."

Aubrey concluded: "She uses the word morals more than she acts on them."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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