Celebrity Big Brother 2016: What Biggins said to Katie Wassiel that got him kicked out

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Exactly what Christopher Biggins said to Katie Wassiel that got him kicked out of the CBB house has been revealed.

In last night's show, we saw Biggins get the boot for making 'numerous offensive comments' but, to the outrage of viewers, editors did NOT show all of the remarks, some of which were almost a week old.

In one chat that was shown, Biggins discussed the gay community and bisexuals in particular.

Afterwards, Big Brother spoke to Biggins and brought up past comments that he had made - but did NOT air - on MONDAY night to fellow housemate Katie regarding the Jewish community.

Big Brother used the chats as examples of offensive language that would not be tolerated in the house.

As a result, Big Brother told Biggins he would be removed immediately and had to leave there and then via the Diary Room door.

Biggins told Big Brother in response: "I am very sorry and I am very sad."

Now The Sun on Sunday newspaper reports that Biggins had 'joked' with Katie, who is Jewish, by comparing the showers of the house to Nazi gas chambers.

As the celebs queued up to use the shower in the morning, Biggins allegedly said to The X Factor singer: "You had better be careful or they will put you in a shower or take you to a room!"

Katie is said to have been left in tears by the remark, although of course we've no official confirmation as the footage has not been aired.

After being given a formal warning at the time (not shown to viewers), Biggins insisted that he immediately cleared the air with Katie, saying today: “We were really good friends and there was no animosity, we’d cleared the air days before.

“She never raised it again with me. I don’t know if she even raised it with anyone.”

Biggins went on to say he was "mortified by what has happened."

"Most of my friends are in fact Jewish. I apologise," Biggins told The Sun on Sunday newspaper in an interview. “I love Jewish people. Listen my best friend is Lesley Joseph and you don’t get more Jewish than that.

“I have lots of bisexual friends and I am not in nay way a bigoted person. I am 67 and I love everybody. I live in Hackney and have a lot of black neighbours who are fantastic.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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