Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Khan accused of "abandoning" daughter for fame

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Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemate Chloe Khan as been accused of "abandoning" her young daughter for fame.

Her ex-boyfriend Ian Hough has claimed to The Sun newspaper that Chloe rarely sees her eight-year-old daughter Destiny and event recently missed her birthday.

"Chloe sees her once a month and sometimes doesn't bother showing up," he alleged in an interview with the tabloid. "The reality is, she chose fame over a family and abandoned us."

He went on to claim that pictures on social media of Chloe showering her daughter in gifts weren't reflected in reality.

"She tells people all this stuff how she's a self-made millionaire and single parent while taking the credit for nothing she's done," he added.

However a spokesperson for Chloe hit back to the Daily Mirror: "Chloe loves her daughter very much and doesn't talk about her to the press, preferring to protect her from any intrusion.

"Chloe will be very upset that Mr Hough has used their daughter to gain press headlines and make money selling a story. He regularly cashes in on Chloe's name by selling silly stories!

"Mr Hough split up from Chloe eight years ago and doesn't have contact with her whatsoever, so doesn't know anything about her private life or the person she is today."

Earlier this week it was revealed that Chloe had last year turned down Big Brother, saying she didn't want fame.

“I’m a business woman I’m about making money not about been famous," said Chloe, who as well as CBB has appeared on The X Factor and Snog, Mary, Avoid.

She went on: "It’s the media printing things while I’m in there out of my control

“I have family and I don’t want to cause any problems or embarrassment for a special little person in particular.”

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