Celebrity Big Brother 2016: It all kicks off over an 'offensive penis'

cbb bear

A offensive drawing of a penis causes a bust up in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

In this evening's show we see the aftermath of yesterday's live episode, where housemates were asked to vote on which of them should be cursed with Eternal Nomination.

The Housemates gave Bear an Eternal Nomination and as a result, he will face every eviction for the remainder of his time in the house.

In the fallout, Bear and Renee argue over Bear's drawing of a penis next to Aubrey’s name when he nominated her.

Renee says: “Where we come from that’s offensive”

Bear replies: “I enjoy it…She can be a d**k”

Renee then talks to Aubrey about Bear and says: “There was an apology that needed to be given…I find that offensive”

Saira adds to Aubrey: “I think he’s an a**ehole, from a TV point of view I find him really entertaining…Heavy D I find him annoying”

Later, Aubrey talks to Big Brother about Bear in the Diary Room: “Right now the atmosphere sucks."

She continues: "I really hate a**ehole Bear…there’s just no compassion, depth, understanding, intellect, basic human kindness in that man…I’m so turned off by all the fakeness."

She adds: "He’s a disease and get out of this house”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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