Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 9 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Here is all the latest news and gossip from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2016 highlights.

Big Brother reveals to the house that James has been discussing nominations and Bear has been consuming items from the winning team’s luxury shopping delivery. Big Brother sends James and Bear to jail for breaking the rules.

Ricky talks to Big Brother about Bear.

Bear breaks out of jail before returning after Big Brother informs him the other Housemates may suffer for the consequences of his actions.

Biggins talks to Grant in the garden: “I’ve made three mistakes in here so I’ve been chastised so I’ve become very aware and careful…of course the thing is as you relax it gets worse cause you think you’re at home”

Marnie asks Lewis if he has got horny yet in the house. He says: “When I wake up in the morning…the first night we slept together…I was like, oi oi, missed ya boy”

Chloe and Bear and Marnie and Lewis massage each other in the garden and Marnie and Lewis kiss. Marnie: “Was it good?...Let me feel it? What a turn on”

Renee is talking to the Housemates in the garden: “Under no circumstances would I put myself in this situation again…I don’t have the mental capacity for fifteen people…I can deal with my drama left right and centre compared to this...I’m talking about the level of ignorance and what people will do for fifteen seconds”

Renee plays charades and points to Bear and Heavy D and Aubrey guesses the movie is “Dumb and Dumber”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates at the sofas and informs them that Biggins has been removed from the Big Brother House and will not be returning. Ricky and James pack Biggins’s case and Sam cries.

Grant is evicted from the Big Brother House and the Housemates say their goodbyes.

The Housemates give Bear an Eternal Nomination, he will face every eviction for the remainder of his time in the house.

Frankie approaches Bear after the result is provided by Big Brother: Bear says: “Don’t talk to me, that’s how I roll…I don’t need that s**t…Bore off, I don’t care, don’t talk to me for the whole duration that I’m here. You are very false, I don’t want to hear it”.

Bear and Chloe are in the garden and they kiss again. Bear says: “I do like ya...can I have a cuddle tonight cause of all this drama I’ve been through I think I deserve a cuddle”

Ricky and Katie talk about Bear in the bedroom: “This is not primary school…I do not have to back down from the way I feel...now I don’t have to give you [Bear] bulls**t chat…shut down”

Bear and Renee argue over Bears drawing of a penis next to Aubrey’s name when he nominated her:

Aubrey and Saira talk about Bear. Saira: “I think he’s an a**ehole, from a TV point of view I find him really entertaining…Heavy D I find him annoying”

Aubrey talks to Big Brother about Bear in the Diary Room: “Right now the atmosphere sucks…I really hate a**ehole bear…there’s just no compassion, depth, understanding, intellect, basic human kindness in that man…I’m so turned off by all the fakeness…he’s a disease and get out of this house”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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