Celebrity Big Brother 2016: 'Intimidating Bear has other housemates frightened'

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother 2016's Stephen Bear has been accused of leaving his fellow housemates frightened.

At least that's according to Grant Bovey, who has given us the inside scoop on life in the CBB house following his eviction last night.

Chatting to media about Bear after his exit, Grant admitted: "I have got to be honest – he was a very intimidating man to be around and I’m a bloke and I have been around the block.

“You never really knew with him what he was going to do next and some of the girls – I’m not sure this was show on the television – were definitely a bit frightened by Bear because they were a bit worried what he could do."

Grant added: "He has the sort of personality where he could snap and he did and it didn’t come to fisty cuffs.

"Again I don’t know what you saw but he is very intimidating."

What have seen of Bear has certainly been shocking.

The Ex On The Beach star was given a formal warning in the week for smashing up the house, breaking a door to the Diary Room and shattering a glass mirror, action that many viewers felt warranted removal.

Meanwhile, Grant also spoke about his closeness to Marnie Simpson.

"I liked Marnie's personality. If you met Marnie - Geordie Shore is not a show I watch everyday - if I met her today and didn't know what she did and you told me, I wouldn't believe you," he explained. "Nothing would have happened in a relationship way, we liked each other's company, we spent a bit of time together - that's where it starts and that's where it ends."

CBB 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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