Celebrity Big Brother 2016 twist! Bear to face EVERY eviction of the series


The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates have been handed a nominations twist in tonight's live show.

This evening's two part episode earlier saw the usual highlights before Grant Bovey became the first to be evicted from the series.

Aftr that the remaining housemates - minus Biggins who has been removed - were gathered by Big Brother for a shock announcement.

Big Brother provided the group with boards and pens and told them they had to vote for one housemate to be damned with eternal nominations.

The housemate chosen would face EVERY eviction for the rest of the series until they are evicted - or win.

Here's just how the votes went...

Saira voted for Heavy D.

Lewis voted for Heavy D.

Aubrey voted for Bear.

Katie voted for Bear.

Heavy D voted for Bear.

Marnie voted or Heavy D.

Frankie voted for Bear.

Renee vote or Saira.

James vote for Bear.

Sam voted for Heavy D.

Ricky voted for Bear.

Chloe voted for James.

Bear voted for Aubrey.

Therefore with the most votes, Bear found himself cursed with eternal nominations meaning he'll automatically be up for eviction each week.

Bear insisted he wasn't bothered and declared: "If you think I'm annoying now, s**t's going to get serious. I'm excited!"

However he admitted to being upset at Heavy's vote for him in the task, and then complained: "Everyone who voted for me, just don't talk to me for the duration I'm here. All a bunch of w**kers."

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues Saturday night with all the fallout on Channel 5.

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