Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Bear and Chloe Khan get VERY close under the covers...

chloe bear covers

Stephen Bear's girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg best look away now because her man has been getting even closer to Chloe Khan on Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

In last night's show, Bear seemingly 'dumped' his girlfriend from inside the house with a surprise confession.

In the smoking area, Bear spoke to Samantha about his girlfriend and revealed that he ‘doesn’t think she’s the one’.

Later on, while Lewis and Marnie were getting close in the pod, Bear dared Chloe to ‘snog him' and she obliged.

While their first kiss was a dare, when most of the housemates were in bed, Chloe and Bear kissed again in the bathroom.

Yesterday in the house, after Bear returned for a day away in the spare room, the pair got closer again.

First they were kissing in the pool, then they moved things to the bathroom and finally the pair dived under the covers in the bedroom were we can only speculate what happened...

On Twitter and after last night's highlights show, Bear's girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg reacted with a simple broken heart emoji as her followers showed support.

"You can do far better and you will! He's an absolute waster. Chin up x," one tweeted.

But Chloe also has a partner on the outside, and Renee quizzed her on what he must thinking - but Chloe has insisted that she didn't have any feelings for Bear.

The model said yesterday - before the evening's antics - that her kiss with Bear was "just a dare" and that other housemates were "reading too much into it."

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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